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Furniture Buying & Maintenance Tips
Whether we are talking about furniture in a showroom or furniture kept in manufacturers' warehouse or furniture in residences and commercial complexes, it is very essential to take proper care of furniture so that it maintains the original beauty and finish. Read more to get idea on some handy tips on furniture maintenance.

Wooden Furniture Care
The most popular and an all time favorite type of furniture for any room-wooden furniture-must be properly taken care of as it is subject to wear and tear over a period of time.

Special Care of Antique Furniture
Antique furniture should be properly taken care of to maintain its beauty and significance.

Outdoor Furniture Care
Proper care and treatment of outdoor furniture care will give a long life to your furnishings on your patio, in your garden, deck and your lawn chairs.

Metal Furniture Care
Metal furniture be it your wrought iron chair or your steel table or cabinet has emerged today a trendy form of furniture. Extend the life of metal furniture with proper care and maintenance.

Leather Furniture Care
Leather furniture needs more care and attention than furniture with fabric upholstery. It requires special care as such type of furniture is made from hide.

Upholstery Care
If you use upholstered furniture, you'll definitely want to know how to best clean and care for it. Find helpful information and advice on upholstery care.
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Points to be Kept in Mind Before Purchasing Furniture
Purchasing of furniture for individual use or for bulk purchase requires lot of study related to trends, styles, budget, cost and delivery.

Protection of Furniture Against Weather
The life of any type of furniture depends on two things-weathering and decaying. How to protect furniture from weather changes?
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How to buy upholstered furniture?
Fabric plays a very important role in the beauty of upholstered furniture and should be properly chosen.

How to arrange your furniture?
Arranging furniture in any room is not a very easy task. How do you arrange it?

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