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What is Dice Stool?
Dice stools as the name suggests are actually in the shape of a dice or a square and used as decorative furniture pieces for sitting in your drawing room or living room. The stool look like one large dice, made of plastic or wood. The wooden dice stools are usually upholstered on all sides with a cushioned, seating top. The upholstery can be of leather, suede, twill, cotton, cotton blend, silk, microfiber for a soft feeling. They are quite versatile in nature imparting a practical and elegant addition to the periphery. These stools can be used in a living room, drawing room, as a part of dressing table, as a side table in bedrooms etc. Some dice stools have casters fitted underneath which makes them easily movable from room to room. They are without any backs & armrests & can be used as an independent furniture piece or as part of the entire furniture setting, thus, complimenting the rest. Quite compact, they save space & are lightweight in nature.

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Dice Stool
Dice stools with variety can be easily figured out in the following section. This page projects the right category of dice stools with distinct features & designs as per the varied tastes of the customers.
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