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Features of Sofa!
A sofa is defined as a long upholstered seat, typically with a back and arms, more like a couch. An essential piece of furniture in a drawing room or a living room, a sofa is meant for allowing more than one person to seat on this elongated furniture but in a much more comfortable & improved manner. A complete sofa set comprises a set of 3 chairs—two single chairs and one long chair for two or three persons or even more. All the three pieces when kept in the room make a complete furniture set, which serve as beautiful enrichments to the interior of a room. While the sofa frame is usually made of wood or metal, it is made comfortable with cushioned back, seat and armrest on either end. Materials used for making sofa upholstery are either variety of textiles or leather. Leather sofas are very popular. Sofas adorned with fabrics in elegant prints and finishes with solid wood or metal legs impart a stylish and classy look. Sofas are available in a huge range of styles and finish supplemented by appropriate smoothing and polishing, lending a touch of beauty and character to the home and any other commercial areas where they are used.

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Contemporary looking couches/sofas have been given a royal touch which meets the international standard in production. The designer couches/sofas are made possible through our sophisticated & computerized state-of-the-art technology.

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