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Furniture Seller's Help is the largest B2B furniture market place that provides an easy platform for sellers to market their products globally. It not only facilitates the sellers to make a display of their exquisite range of furniture products online but also opportunes them to make their presence felt worldwide. So, here we provide solutions to all your pre-joining queries for which you might be seeking answers for.

How can I post products?
To make your products get displayed on, you would be required to first become a paid member of ours. After that, a premium product catalog mentioning all the details about your company as well as new services or launches would be made. This catalog would have a provision for you to add, edit or delete any product related information or even the images at anytime.
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What is 'My Showcase'?
If you don't want your exclusive range of products to be publicized and browsed by every other user and instead be viewed or accessed only by your premium buyers, you can make display of such products in 'My Showcase'. Here you would be facilitated to generate user id or password for every premium buyer so that all your products are personalized. After such buyer has chosen his desired product, he may send you all his business related queries.
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What is 'Trust Certificate'?
Trust Certificate is a sign of assurance and faith which is certified to the sellers on the basis of certain procedure of verification. We assign you this certificate only after verifying your contact as well as other important business related details completely. This trust seal not only enhances the trust level of buyers but also gives you the advantage over the non-certified competitors online. Hence, the buyer gives you the preference over other companies.
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What is 'Premium Membership'?
If you are a 'Premium Member', you would be entitled for special services which are as follows:
  • Product Catalog
  • Newsletter Programme
  • Premium Listing
  • Featured Product Listing
  • Home Page Banner
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What is 'Featured Advertisement'?
A 'Featured Advertisement' will provide the visitors with the detailed information about your company as well as the products offered by you. The entire service would consists of:
  • Premium listing on company listing page
  • Featured products on home page as well as catalog page
  • Featured company campaign on home page
  • Banner on home page
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What is 'Newsletter Service'?
We will run newsletter programme for your company which will be accessable by worldwide buyers. This newsletter will include:
  • Your company profile
  • Latest product launch of your company
  • Your complete contact details
  • News and releases
  • Free enquiry form
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