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No. of Employees : 200
Nature of Business :
Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter.
Key Products :
table, rack, dining set, LCD Table, Cupboard, Chest and Cubes.

Export Destination

USA, Russia, Europe, Germany, France, UAE

Export by Products

Wooden table, rack, dining set, LCD Table, Cupboard, Chest and Cubes


Hexa Vision Impex Private Limited is one such Indian company indulged in the production & exporting of a wide range of furniture products using materials like wood, metal types, stone, plastic etc. to produce appealing items as silver cabinets, chests, wooden hutches, glass shelves etc

Pre-Verified Profile
Based in New Delhi with a branch office at USA, Hexa Vision Impex Private Limited is one of the most reliable and reputed manufacturer, exporter and supplier of premier wooden furniture for customers from around the world.

We offer a wide range of wooden products like table, rack, dining set, LCD Table, Cupboard, Chest and Cubes. Our company is offering the best of Indian craftsmanship, with our manufacturing and exporting of wooden handicrafts and furniture.

We give utmost emphasis on quality, durability and customer satisfaction. We have over 200 skilled workers, who continuously come up with new designs and styles to produce the best quality products, comparable to international standards.

TBlending ancient Indian techniques with modern equipment and production, our company is dedicated to provide our customers with the finest range of furniture, built to the satisfy every taste and styles. Our products depicting exclusive designs and flawless craftsmanship are style statements without parallel.

Featured Products

Bedroom Side Table
Bedroom Side Table
Coffee Table
Coffee Table
Console Table
Console Table

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